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Komtrax is Komatsu's asset tracking system. The ability to track or see where your machines are at anytime of the day or night is a major part of asset management.

Why is asset management important?
The best reasons to have an asset management program in place are to deal with risk management, budgeting and planning. Asset management is the most important area of business operations when you need to increase profits without increasing overhead. Asset management is a combination of many elements, including managing, purchasing, inventory, leasing, sales, finance, scheduling, maintenance and repairs, to name a few. Asset tracking, via Komtrax, will provide some of the necessary information needed to support the previously mentioned functions. Not only will effective asset management increase profitability and utilization, it will provide quantitative data you can use to make impacting decisions regarding used machine sales and cost reduction programs.

Why do I neet to worry about asset management?
Asset management is about getting the information you need to best serve your customers and keep your equipment inventory properly managed to get the jobs done. The end result is noticeable returns through increased revenues and profits.

How will Komatsu's Komtrax system help?
Komtrax will provide an affordable, useful and effective tool for tracking your equipment. Not only will Komtrax provide you with information on your machine, such as SMR, location, movement data and machine specs; it will also allow you to integrate that information with fleet management programs you may already have in place. Scheduling services or periodic maintenance can be as easy as clicking a button. You can generate reports showing usage, location and other information which is extremely helpful in determining billable hours, revenue and cost-per-hour figures, not to mention trends for a specific machine, customer, operator or time of year.

Komtrax will enable you to see the current status of your machines anytime, anywhere. Currently, Komtrax is capable of reporting global positioning upon starting the machine or within minutes after requesting a current location. The service meter readings from the machine are stored on the website and updated daily, as are current operation maps, which show you the times of day the machine was running.

All of these 'modest' benefits add up to generate the big picture, which is increased productivity and utilization due to a decrease in downtime, reduced repair cost and reduced administration cost. This all adds up to increased revenues and gross profit.