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The Best Way to Look Inside Your Equipment
Analyzing engine oil and other fluids is the best way to look inside a machine’s engine and powertrain. It can help you identify trends and make informed repair and maintenance decisions.

The Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA) program uses independent laboratories across the United States to determine how your machine is performing based on a small sample of oil or other fluid. Much like a blood test tells your doctor how your body is functioning, KOWA lets you see how your equipment is performing on the inside. Used with PM Clinic and PM Tune Up, KOWA is your best defense for proactively maintaining your Komatsu equipment.

KOWA detects fuel dilution and coolant leaks, identifies contaminants, and measures wear-metals. Your distributor will help you interpret this information so you can identify potential problems and head them off before they lead to major repairs.

Data Analysis & Record Keeping
KOWA-LOAMS (Lube Oil Analysis Management System) software makes it possible for you and your distributor to analyze and store your KOWA data. You’ll have easy Internet access to useful graphs and reports as well as comprehensive recommendations concerning your equipment.

KOWA Benefits
  • Independent labs for objective results you can trust
  • Results compared to Komatsu guidelines to eliminate guesswork
  • KOWA-LOAMS software tracks equipment trends for long-term maintenance planning and budgeting purposes
  • Distributors and factory share information to provide comprehensive recommendations