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Puts You In Control of Repair and Maintenance Costs
What if there was a way to significantly reduce the amount you spend on maintaining and repairing your Komatsu equipment over its lifetime? What if you could better predict when a major repair event was likely to happen so that you could replace the affected component before it could create major production interruptions?

While no one can totally predict every equipment failure, you can greatly improve the likelihood that your equipment will perform when you need it by signing up for the Komatsu Repair & Maintenance (R&M) program available from your distributor.

Komatsu R&M Benefits
Improve the planning and control of your repair and maintenance budget
An R&M contract allows you to know what your scheduled repair and maintenance costs will be up front, giving you better control of your budget.

Increase Up-Time
The Komatsu R&M program lays out a schedule of events using a before-failure approach, allowing you to maximize machine availability by minimizing unexpected failures. You also can predict machine production better by knowing the scheduled repair and maintenance events.

Increase equipment value with a distributor-maintained repair and maintenance history
Your repair and maintenance history provides valuable information for planning and scheduling service in the future. It can also significantly add to the value of your equipment at trade-in time.

Compare actual results against plan
With R&M, you’ll be able to tell if your equipment is performing according to plan or if a more aggressive approach is required due to actual usage patterns.

Maximize productivity
Your equipment operates at its optimum level when you use high quality Komatsu parts and have service performed by Komatsu-trained experts.