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Pays for Itself Over Time
Keeping your equipment in good running order through an effective, professional planned maintenance program actually costs less over the life of your equipment. Consider what just a single catastrophic failure, due to improper maintenance of your equipment, can cost you in terms of:
  • Increased repair costs
  • Loss of production
  • Rental or backup machine
  • Idle personnel and equipment
  • Disruption of schedules
  • Loss of confidence in you by your customer

    With so much at risk, itís no wonder smart contractors have concluded that a planned maintenance program more than pays for itself over time. This is especially true of Komatsu PM-Pro! PM-Pro is the fast, easy way to maintain your equipment at peak performance and to assure that all scheduled maintenance is performed on time. With PM-Pro, you can customize a planned maintenance program best suited to your requirements, including:
  • Scheduled maintenance performed on time and as specified in your Operation & Maintenance manual
  • Walk-Around inspection of your equipment
  • Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA)
  • Electronic maintenance history for your equipment

    PM-Pro Benefits
  • Better plan and control maintenance
  • Know costs up front
  • Plan your work schedule more effectively
  • Utilize your personnel for the jobs they were hired to do
  • Take care of your equipment with high quality Komatsu parts and Komatsu-trained experts

    ...and because your equipment is maintained properly, you can be assured of achieving maximum uptime.