Service—Customer Communications (JoiFUL)
JoiFUL: Working Together for Success
Effective Communication means listening to your customers. It means knowing the customers' direction and requirements, now and in the future. It means working jointly (customer, distributor and Komatsu) to overcome current challenges and to prepare our products and support for the future.

Komatsu employs a process called "Joint Follow-Up Log" or "JoiFUL" for short, to aid in effective communications. The JoiFUL process brings together customers, distributors and Komatsu to discuss current and future needs for product and product support. Additionally, current challenges are identified and prioritized by the group. Agreed upon actions are developed for each item as well as due dates with specific people assigned the responsibility for completion. These items, actions, due dates and responsibilities are entered into the permanent record or "Follow-Up Log" where progress is monitored by the group.

The process begins with a kick off meeting including top-level management from the three companies and the assignment of key coordinators from each group. A meeting frequency is established depending on the number and type of issues at hand. The coordinators carry out working sessions that enlist the assistance of subject experts, to dig into the detail and implement solutions.

The ongoing process yields valuable solutions that improve productivity, maintain customer satisfaction and develop partnerships for the future.

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