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Model    Komatsu SAA6D114E-3 
Type    4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection 
Aspiration    Turbocharged, air-to-air aftercooled 
No. of cylinders   
Bore x stroke  4.49" x 5.31"  114 mm x 135 mm 
Piston displacement  505 in³  8.27 ltr 
Governor    All-speed, electronic 
SAE J1995 Gross  207 HP  155 kW 
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349* Net  205 HP  153 kW 
Hydraulic fan at maximum speed  190 HP  142 kW 
Rated rpm    1950 rpm 
Fan drive type    Hydraulic 
Lubrication system:     
Method    Gear pump, force lubrication 
Filter    Full-flow 
EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emissions certified.     
TORQFLOW Transmission   
Komatsu TORQFLOW transmission consists of a water-cooled, 3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase, torque converter and a planetary gear, multiple-disc clutch transmission which is electrically-controlled, hydraulically-actuated and force-lubricated for optimum heat dissipation. 
Travel speed  Forward  Reverse 
1st  2.1 mph
3.3 km/h 
2.8 mph
4.4 km/h 
2nd  3.9 mph
6.3 km/h 
5.1 mph
8.2 km/h 
3rd  6.3 mph
10.1 km/h 
8.1 mph
12.9 km/h 
Final Drives   
Double-reduction final drive of spur and planetary gear sets to increase tractive effort and reduce gear tooth stresses for long final drive life. Segmented sprocket rims are bolt-on for easy replacement. 
Steering System   
Palm Command Control System (PCCS) lever controls for all directional movements. Pushing the PCCS lever forward results in forward machine travel, while pulling it rearward reverses the machine. Simply tilt the PCCS lever to left to make a left turn.

Hydrostatic Steering System (HSS) is powered by steering planetary units and an independent hydraulic pump and motor. Counterrotation turns are also available.Wet, multiple-disc, pedal-controlled service brakes are spring-actuated and hydraulically released. Gear shift lock lever also applies parking brake. 
Minimum turning radius  7'3"  2.2 m 
Suspension    Oscillating equalizer bar and pivot shaft 
Track roller frame    Monocoque, large section, durable construction 
Rollers and idlers    Lubricated track rollers 
Track assemblies  Lubricated tracks. Unique seals help prevent entry of foreign abrasive material into pin to bushing clearances to provide extended service life.  Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS) with rotating bushings for extended wear life and lower maintenance costs. 
Number of track rollers (each side)   
Type of shoes (standard)    Single grouser PLUS 
Number of shoes (each side)    45 
Grouser height  2.6"  65 mm 
Shoe width (standard)  36"  915 mm 
Ground contact area  9,318 in²  60115 cm² 
Ground pressure (tractor)  4.36 psi
Track gauge  6'9"  2050 mm 
Length of track on ground  10'9"  3285 mm 
Coolant and Lubricant Capacity (refill)   
Fuel tank  109.6 U.S. gal  415 ltr 
Coolant  9.8 U.S. gal  37 ltr 
Engine  7.4 U.S. gal  28 ltr 
Torque converter, transmission, bevel gear, and steering system  12.7 U.S. gal  48 ltr 
Final drive (each side)  7.1 U.S. gal  27 ltr 
Operating Weight   
Tractor weight:
Including rated capacity of lubricant, hydraulic control unit, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and standard equipment. 
40,673 lb  18450 kg 
Operating weight:
Including straight tilt dozer, steel cab, ROPS, operator, standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant, hydraulic control unit, coolant, and full fuel tank. 
46,763 lb  21210 kg 
Hydraulic System   
Closed-center load sensing system (CLSS) designed for precise and responsive control, and for efficient simultaneous operation.

Hydraulic control units:
All spool valves externally mounted beside the hydraulic tank. Plunger type hydraulic pump with capacity (discharge flow) of 210 ltr/min 55.5 U.S. gal/min at rated engine rpm. 
Relief valve setting  2,990 psi  210 kg/cm²
20.6 MPa 
Control valves:     
Spool control valves for tilt dozer     
Blade lift    Raise, hold, lower, and float 
Blade tilt    Right, hold, and left 
Hydraulic cylinders    Double-acting, piston 
Number of cylinders  Bore  Bore 
Blade lift / 2  3.7"  95 mm 
Blade tilt / 1  5.5"  140 mm 
Ripper lift / 1  5.5"  140 mm 
Hydraulic oil capacity (refill):     
Straight tilt dozer  14.5 U.S. gal  55 ltr 
Semi-U tilt dozer  14.5 U.S. gal  55 ltr 
Ripper equipment (additional volume):     
Multi-shank ripper  1.8 U.S. gal  7 ltr 

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