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Responsive Operation
A single joystick on the left controls all speed and directional changes including:
1st to 2nd
Forward and reverse
Right and left steering
A single joystick on the right controls all blade functions including:
This left and right joystick system offers unparalleled control for shorter cycle times.
Easy-to-see instrument panel
Ergonomically arranged meters and lamps make it easier to check the machine condition. In addition, fuel meter and dust indicator lamp installed on the panel for easy servicing.
Walk-through operator's compartment
The operator's compartment has a complete walk-through design, making for easy getting on and off.
KOMTRAX equipped machines can send location, SMR and operation maps to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Machines also relay error codes, cautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and much more.
Efficient HYDROSHIFT transmission
The D21-8 is equipped with Komatsu's unique HYDROSHIFT transmission, assuring smooth gear shifts, powerful traction and low fuel consumption. It consists of a damper and planetary gear packs. The HYDROSHIFT transmission makes two previously incompatible factors compatible: It efficiently converts engine power to traction with minimal power loss through a damper and it offers smooth, easy shifting through a powershift transmission. Unlike ordinary powershift transmissions with torque converters, traction does not decrease, even when the engine is running at partial throttle.
Long track
The long track and well-positioned center of gravity give good machine balance and make grading operations and operations on slopes easy. In addition, the machine can travel over soft ground easily, and it can escape from muddy areas without problem.
Simplified maintenance
Spin-on type filters are used throughout the machine, making it easy to replace filter elements. Air cleaner with automatic evacuator extends cleaning interval of the air cleaner.
Automatic de-airation system with electric feed pump
Ejects air in the fuel system, simply turning on the ignition key when restarting the engine.
Single-lever steering/speed/ directional change
All the directional changes are carried out with single lever, ensuring smooth turn and superior productivity.
Fuel-efficient 4D94LE-2 engine
The Komatsu 4D94LE-2 features a direct-injection fuel system. Intake air is swirled into the combustion chamber where it is mixed with injected, atomized fuel, providing optimum combustion. This fuel system not only contributes to greater power and fuel savings, but also ensures reduced noise and cleaner exhaust. A cushion mounted engine reduces noise and vibration.
Lifetime lubricated idlers, track rollers and links

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