WA470-6 Waste Handler

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Waste Transfer Station Loaders
The Komatsu-integrated design found in this Mid-size loader offers class leading value, reliability, and versatility. Hydraulics, power train, frame, and all other major components are engineered and manufactured by Komatsu. You get a machine with components designed to work together for higher productivity and reliability, and more versatility. Now add the Komatsu designed waste transfer station packages with guarding specifically matched to the loader and the application and you have a loader which stays working longer for increased productivity.
Bucket Options
Choice of two designs optimized for either loading or pushing and loading waste quickly and efficiently. These buckets feature high strength steel, a spill guard designed for maximum visibility, a visual bucket level indicator and accept Komatsu standard bolt-on cutting edges and skid shoes.
Automatic Reversible Fan
The engine fan is driven hydraulically and can be operated in reverse automatically. When the switch is in the automatic position, the fan revolves in reverse intermittently for 2 minutes every 2 hours (default setting).
Full side opening gull-wing engine doors
Ground level engine service and daily service checks are made easy with the gas spring-assisted side opening gull-wing doors.
Dual-Mode Engine Power Select System
This wheel loader offers two selectable operating modes—E and P. The operator can adjust the machine’s performance with the selection switch.
• E Mode: This mode provides maximum fuel efficiency for general loading.
• P Mode: This mode provides maximum power output for hard digging operation or hill climb.
Standard cab with air conditioning system which pressurizes the interior to help keep dust out. Two-tier filtration system not only cleans the incoming air but also cleans the recirculated air inside the cab. Filters are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
Komatsu Components
Komatsu manufactures the engine, torque converter, transmission, hydraulic units, and electric parts on this wheel loader. Komatsu loaders are manufactured with an integrated production system under a strict quality control system.
Wide Core Cooling Package
The wide core radiator, charge air cooler and hydraulic oil cooler have increased fin spacing to help keep the air flowing for cooler operation.
KOMTRAX® equipped machines can send location, SMR and operation maps to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Machines also relay error codes, cautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and much more.

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