WA250-6 Waste Handler

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Waste Transfer Station Loaders
The Komatsu-integrated design found in the HST loader line offers exceptional value, reliability, and versatility. Hydraulics, power train, frame, and major components are engineered and manufactured by Komatsu to work together for higher productivity and less downtime. The Komatsu-designed waste transfer station package is specifically matched to the loader and application.
Waste handling bucket designed for either loading or pushing and loading waste quickly and efficiently. The bucket features high strength steel, a spill guard designed for increased visibility, and a visual bucket level indicator. Side stiffeners add durability.
Variable Traction Control System
The tractive effort of the machine, when traveling at a low speed, can be reduced by using the traction control switch. Combined with torque proportioning differentials, or optional limited slip differentials this system provides the following benefits:
Facilitates operation on soft ground where the tires of the machine are apt to slip
Eliminates excessive bucket penetration and reduces tire slippage during stockpile loading to improve the work efficiency
Reduces tire slippage to extend the life of tires
Furthermore, the maximum tractive effort can be adjusted in three stages (one stage for conventional machines) when the traction control switch is ON. This allows the operator to select the optimum tractive effort for diversified road conditions.
Electronically-controlled HST
using a 1-pump, 2-motor system allows high efficiency, high tractive effort, quick travel response and aggressive drive into the pile. The full auto shifting eliminates manual gear shifting and kick-down operations.
Low Fuel Consumption
The high-torque engine and Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) with maximum efficiency in the low-speed range provide low fuel consumption
Standard cab with air-conditioning system which pressurizes the interior to help keep dust out. Two-tier filtration system not only cleans the incoming air but also cleans the recirculated air inside the cab. Filters are easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
Full side opening gull-wing engine doors
Ground level engine service and daily service checks are made easy with the gas spring-assisted sideopening gull-wing doors
Automatic Reversible Fan
The engine fan is driven hydraulically and can be operated in reverse automatically. When the switch is in the automatic position, the fan revolves in reverse intermittently for 2 minutes every 2 hours. (default setting)
High-Rigidity Frames
The front and rear frames, along with the loader linkage, have high rigidity to withstand repetitive twisting and bending loads. Both the upper and lower center pivots have tapered roller bearings for increased durability.
Adjustment-free brakes
Service brakes are wet, multi-disc, in-board packs
The parking brake is a separate wet multi-disc pack with lever control

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