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Model    Komatsu S4D102E-1 
Type    Water-cooled, diesel 
Aspiration    Naturally aspirated 
Number of cylinders   
Bore  4.02"  102 mm 
Stroke  4.72"  120 mm 
Piston displacement  240 in³  3.9 ltr. 
Gross horsepower* @2350 rpm  75 HP  56 kW 
Flywheel horsepower** @2350 rpm  70 HP  52 kW 
Net maximum torque @ 1400 rpm  217 ft lb  294 Nm 
Governor    All-speed, mechanical 
*Gross horsepower:    Per SAE J1995 conditions. 
**Flywheel horsepower:    Engine equipped with air cleaner, alternator (not charging), muffler and fan (SAE J1349). 
Wet-type damper, with built-in torsion and friction springs, absorbs engine torque vibrations as well as stress from external impacts. 
Hydroshift Transmission   
The unique Komatsu HYDROSHIFT transmission with planetary gears is hydraulically-controlled and force-lubricated. Efficient power flow and simplified direction and speed changes (3 forward and 3 reverse). 
Travel speed     
1st Forward  1.4 MPH  2.2 km/h 
1st Reverse  1.5 MPH  2.4 km/h 
1st Rated drawbar pull  16,180 lb  7340 kg 
2nd Forward  2.4 mph  3.9 km/h 
2nd Reverse  2.7 mph  4.3 km/h 
2nd Rated drawbar pull  8,710 lb  3950 kg 
3rd Forward  4.0 mph  6.5 km/h 
3rd Reverse  4.4 mph  7.1 km/h 
3rd Rated drawbar pull  4,630 lb  2100 kg 
Maximum drawbar pull  19,760 lb  8960 kg 
A PPC valve built into the steering circuit facilitates smooth, shockless steering control. Inching pedal assures smooth, easy starting and stopping, precise inching approaches to obstacles and impact digging. 
Single steering lever controls all direction movement. Wet, multiple-disc steering clutches are PPC controlled and interconnected with wet, contracting-band, steering brakes to allow easy, light-touch steering/braking actions. 
Final Drive   
Spur gear, single-reduction final drives. Bolt-on type sprockets for easy replacement. 
Suspension    Rigid type 
Track roller frame    High-tensile-strength steel construction 
Rollers and idlers    Lubricated idlers, track and carrier rollers are sealed with floating seals. 
Track shoes    Single-grouser shoes. Unique dust seals prevent entry of dust into pin-to-bushing clearances for extended service. Track tension is easily adjusted with a grease gun. 
Number of shoes    41 
Number of track rollers   
Number of carrier rollers   
Track gauge  5'5''  1650 mm 
Grouser height  1.9''  47 mm 
Shoe width (standard)  23.6''  600 mm 
Ground contact area  4,064 in²  26220 cm² 
Ground pressure (fully equipped)  3.9 psi  0.27 kg/cm² 
Coolant & Lubricant Capacity (refilling)   
Coolant   5.8 U.S. gal  22 ltr 
Fuel tank   30.4 U.S. gal  115 ltr 
Engine   3.7 U.S. gal  14 ltr 
Damper case   0.4 U.S. gal  1.5 ltr 
Transmission   3.4 U.S. gal  13 ltr 
Bevel gear case/Steering clutch   12.4 U.S. gal  47 ltr 
Final drive (each side)      
1450 mm track gauge   2.5 U.S. gal  9.5 ltr 
1650 mm track gauge   3.2 U.S. gal  12 ltr 
Operating Weight (approximate)   
Operating weight, including power-angle-tiltdozer, operator, standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant, coolant and full fuel tank and ROPS 15,850 lb 7205 kg. 
Tractor weight, including rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, standard equipment and ROPS 13,470 lb 6110 kg. 
Hydraulic System   
Hydraulic control unit: Gear-type hydraulic pump mounted on rear of engine with capacity (discharge flow) of 24.0 U.S. gal/min 90 ltr, at rated engine rpm. 
Relief valve setting  2,490 psi  175 kg/cm² 
Control valves     
Three control valves for power-angle-tiltdozer.     
Blade lift    Raise, hold, lower and float 
Blade angle    Left, hold and right 
Blade tilt    Left, hold and right 
Additional control valve required for ripper.     
Positions: Ripper    Raise, hold, and lower 
Hydraulic cylinders:    Double-acting , piston type 
Hydraulic cylinders/Number of cylinders  Bore  Bore 
Blade lift/2  3.54''  90 mm 
Blade tilt/1  3.54''  90 mm 
Blade angling/2  3.54''  90 mm 

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