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Engine-EPA Certified   
Model    Komatsu 4D94E 
Flywheel horsepower @ 2450 rpm  40 HP  29.5 kW 
Maximum torque @ 1300 rpm  112 ft lb  152 Nm 
Number of cylinders   
Bore/stroke  3.57''/3.94''  94 mm/100 mm 
Displacement  169 in³  2.8 ltr 
Fuel injection    Direct 
Cooling system    Dual circuit, thermostatically controlled liquid cooling 
Electrical system    12 volt 
Battery  1 x 12 volt  80 Ah 
Alternator    40 A 
Air filter    Dry air filter with pre-filter and safety cartridge 
The D21 is equipped with Komatsu's unique HYDROSHIFT transmission which simplifies operator control for more accurate blade/machine placement. This powershift transmission offers smooth, easy maneuvering with greater tractive effort. 
The Komatsu HYDROSHIFT transmission with planetary gears is hydraulically-controlled and force-lubricated, providing simplified direction and speed changes. 
Forward/Reverse    2/2 
1st Forward  1.6 mph  2.6 km/h 
1st Reverse  2.1 mph  3.3 km/h 
2nd Forward  2.7 mph  4.4 km/h 
2nd Reverse  3.5 mph  5.6 km/h 
Max. drawbar pull  9,880 lb  4480 kg 
Steering System   
Single-steering lever controls all direction movement. Wet, multiple-disc steering clutches are Proportional Pressure Controlled (PPC) and interconnected with dry, contracting-band steering brakes to allow easy, light touch steering/braking actions. 
A PPC valve built into the steering circuit facilitates smooth, shockless steering control. Inching pedal assures smooth, easy starting and stopping, precise inching approaches to obstacles and impact digging. 
Sealed and lubricated track chain provides for excellent service life. Track tension is easily adjusted with a grease gun. 
Suspension    Rigid-type 
Track roller frame    Box-section, high-tensile-strength steel construction 
Rollers and idlers    Lifetime lubricated idlers, track and carrier rollers are sealed. 
Number of track rollers    5 each 
Number of carrier rollers    1 each 
Track shoes    Single-grouser 
Ground pressure  3.4 psi  .24 kg/cm² 
Track shoe, width  19.7''  500 mm 
Operating Weight (approximate)   
Operating weight includes; power angle tilt dozer, rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, standard equipment and operator 9,220 lb 4180 kg. 
Hydraulic System   
System    Gear-type hydraulic pump mounted on rear of engine. 
Hydraulic pressure  2,200 psi  155 bar 
Hydraulic pump flow  15.6 gpm  59 ltr/min 
Control valve:    Power angle tilt dozer 
Blade lift    Raise, hold, lower and float 
Blade angle    Left, hold and right 
Blade tilt    Left, hold and right 
Hydraulic cylinders:    Double-acting, piston-type. Blade angling and tilting hydraulic hoses are protected from damage with steel guards. 
Service Refill Capacities   
Fuel tank   13.2 U.S. gal  50.0 ltr 
Coolant system   2.0 U.S. gal  7.6 ltr 
Engine oil   2.1 U.S. gal  7.9 ltr 
Hydraulic system   8.7 U.S. gal  32.9 ltr 
Final drive (each)   1.6 U.S. gal  6 ltr 

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