PC490LC-10 MH

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Optional Equipment

(1) additional rearview camera
25 KW hydraulic driven generator (requires cab riser 1981 mm / 78" and main pump with aux drive)
Cab guards - Full front guard, OPG Level 1 (Not available with cab riser) - Full front guard, OPG Level 2 (Not available with cab riser) - Bolt-on top guard, OPG Level 2 - Lower front window guard (Not available with cab riser)
Cab riser 1981 mm / 78", manual tilt, with cab front window guard
Front: - 2-piece 16.8 m / 55' with piping and burst valves - 3-piece 16.5 m / 54' with piping and burst valves
High pressure in-line hydraulic filters
Hydraulic control packages for: - 2-piece front grapple only - 2-piece front grapple and magnet - 3-piece front grapple and magnet
Hydraulic control unit, 1 actuator
Komatsu main pump w/ aux drive (ILOS) (SAE B, 2 bolt flange, spline 13T 16/32DP)
Rain visor
Revolving frame undercovers, heavy duty
Shoes, triple grouser, 800 mm / 31.5"
Shoes, triple grouser, 700 mm / 28"
Sun visor
Straight travel pedal
Track roller guards, full length
Working light, front, one additional on cab
2 yd³ 4 tine scrap grapple
Magnet mounting crosshead