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Sanitary Landfill Dozers
The integrated design found in the line of Komatsu Dozers offers the best value, reliability, and versatility. Hydraulics, power train, frame, and all other major components are engineered by Komatsu. This gets you a dozer whose components are designed to work together for higher production, greater reliability, and more versatility. Now add the Komatsu designed and factory installed Landfill Package with guarding specifically designed for the harsh landfill conditions and you have a machine that operates longer, increasing overall productivity.
Trash rack
provides larger blade capacity without restricting visibility.
Standard Reversible Hydraulic Driven Fan
Mounted in front of the radiator core so the blades pull the air through the core rather than push it, virtually eliminating debris blasting on the core surface and increasing the life of the heat exchangers.
Thermally controlled, the fan turns at maximum speed only when maximum cooling is required, greatly reducing the debris collection on the engine inlet screens during normal daily operations.
Computer controlled forward and reverse intervals clean the radiator on a regular basis, allowing the operator to concentrate on productivity. The computer timer is easily adjusted for varying conditions and also features a manual override switch.
Perforated hood and side doors
increase cooling airflow to the radiator while minimizing the size of the airborne materials entering the engine compartment. The perforated hood area reduces the air velocity passing through the screens thus reducing debris sticking against the screens.
Two-tier cab filtration
Separate filters clean the outside air and the air circulating inside the cab. Filters are easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Pressurized cab helps keep debris out.
Chassis seal package
helps close the gaps around the chassis where material could enter the engine compartment.
Final drive, pivot shaft, and idler seal guards
help prevent debris from entering oil seal areas, extending component life.

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