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Standard Intelligent Machine Control
Standard factory installed integrated 3D GNSS intelligent machine control system.
Improved Machine Control
Up to 9% more efficient dozer operation than comparable aftermarket machine control systems in start to finish grading tests.
Factory Installed Machine Control Components
Machine control components are factory installed and designed as an integral part of the base machine for improved durability.
Komatsu Quality
Machine control components and system validated to Komatsu’s rigorous quality & durability standards.
Industry Standard Compatibility
Machine control system makes use of common industry design data file norms and supports typical base station communication.
Simple Operator Interface
Simple touch screen control box with multi-color customizable display.
3D GNSS Machine Control Standard
All on-machine components standard including control box, GNSS receiver/ radio, GNSS antenna, and enhanced inertial measurement unit sensor.
Finish Grade Performance
Enhanced sensor package and intelligent logic provides for finish grade accuracy in an integrated system without traditional blade mounted sensors.
Stroke Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders
Robust stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders employee proven Komatsu sensor technologies for accurate finish grade performance.
Enhanced Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU+)
Chassis mounted enhanced inertial measurement unit (IMU+) and intelligent logic provides for finish grade accuracy without blade mounted sensors.
Cab Top GNSS Antenna
No blade mounted GPS antennas, cables to worry about damaging with cab top GNSS antenna.
Automatic Dozing From Start To Finish
Load control intelligence controls blade elevation to improve productivity and minimize track slip by adjusting blade load. 1.0' from grade or 0.1' from grade – you can run in auto mode.
Intelligent Dozing Mode Settings
Operators are able to select between 4 distinct machine control operating modes to optimize performance to the application whether cutting, spreading, or other.
Operator Selectable Load Settings
Machine control load settings can be adjusted between presets to tailor response to material conditions.
KOMTRAX equipped machines can send location, SMR and operation maps to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Machines also relay error codes, cautions, maintenance items, fuel levels, and much more.

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