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Engine-EPA Certified   
Model    Komatsu S3D84E-3B 
Type    Water cooled, 4-stroke cycle 
Aspiration    Turbocharged 
Number of cylinders   
Bore x stroke  3.31'' x 3.54''  84 mm x 90 mm 
Piston displacement  91 in³  1.5 ltr. 
Governor    Mechanical 
Horsepower rating @ 2500 rpm: (SAE J1349)     
Net horsepower
Meets EPA emissions regulations 
37 HP  27.2 kw 
Fuel system    Direct injection 
Lubrication system:     
Method    Gear pump, force lubrication 
Filter    Full-flow 
Air cleaner    Dry type with double elements & dust evacuator, plus dust indicator 
Drive method    Hydrostatic 
Travel speed  Forward: 9.3 mph / 15.0 km/h  Reverse: 9.3 mph / 15.0 km/h 
*Measured with 15.5/70-18 tires     
Axles and Final Drives   
Drive system:    Four wheel drive 
Front    Fixed, semi-floating 
Rear    Center-pin support semi-floating, 16° total oscillation 
Reduction gear    Spiral bevel gear 
Final reduction gear    Planetary gear, single reduction 
Oscillating Angle    + 16° 
Service brake    Hydraulically-activated, wet, sealed disc 
Parking brake    Mechanically-activated, wet, sealed disc 
Tire size    12.5/70-16-6PR 
Steering System   
Type    Full hydraulic power, center pivot steering 
Steering angle    40° 
Minimum turning radius at the center of outside tire  10'6''  3210 mm 
Boom and Bucket   
Z-bar loader linkage is designed for maximum rigidity and offers powerful breakout. Rap-out loader linkage design enables shock dumping for removing sticky materials. 
Bucket Controls   
Control positions:     
Boom    Raise, hold, lower & float 
Bucket    Roll back, hold & dump 
Hydraulic System   
Capacity (discharge flow) @ engine-rated rpm:     
Loader pump  11.4 US gal/min  43 ltr/min 
Auxiliary hydraulic  11.4 US gal/min  43 ltr/min 
(Gear-type pumps)     
Relief valve setting:     
Loader  2990 psi  210 bar 
Control valve    3-spool, open center type 
Hydraulic cylinders:     
Loader and steering    Double-acting, piston 
Hydraulic Cylinders / Number of Cylinders  Bore  Stroke 
Boom / 2  2.95''
75 mm 
440 mm 
Bucket / 1  2.95''
75 mm 
360 mm 
Hydraulic cycle time (rated load in bucket):     
Raise    4.6 sec 
Dump    1.0 sec 
Lower (empty)    2.8 sec 
Rollback    1.4 sec 
Total cycle time    9.8 sec 
Service Refill Capacities   
Cooling System  1.5 US gal.  5.8 ltr. 
Fuel Tank  11.9 US gal.  42.0 ltr. 
Engine  1.24 US gal.  4.7 ltr. 
Hydraulic reservoir  7.4 US gal.  28.0 ltr. 
Axle (each, front and rear)  1.4 US gal.  9.3 ltr. 

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