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Komatsu-integrated design for the best value, reliability, and versatility. Hydraulics, power train, frame, and all other major components are engineered by Komatsu. You get a machine whose components are designed to work together for higher production, greater reliability, and more versatility.
SAA12V140E-3 turbocharged aftercooled diesel engine provides a net output of 664 kW / 890 HP with excellent productivity. This machine is Tier 2 EPA, EU, and Japan emissions certified.
The Dual tilt dozer increases productivity while reducing operator effort.
Hydraulic driven engine cooling fan controlled automatically, reduces fuel consumption and operating noise levels.
Extra-low machine profile provides excellent machine balance and low center of gravity.
Preventative maintenance
• Centralized Service Station
• Enclosed Hydraulic Piping
• Modular Power Train Design
• Oil Pressure Checking Ports
Large blade capacities:
27.2 m³ / 35.6 yd³ (Semi-U dozer),
34.4 m³ / 45.0 yd³ (U dozer), and
76 m³ / 100 yd³ (Coal)
Automatic transmission with lockup torque converter increases speed and power to improve fuel consumption and productivity.
Track link with wedge ring reduces maintenance cost by making turning pins easier, with improved pin reuse.
Hexagonal designed cab includes:
• Spacious interior
• Comfortable ride with viscous cab damper mounting
• Excellent visibility
• High capacity air conditioning system
• Palm Command Control System (PCCS) joystick controls
• Pressurized cab
• Multi-position adjustable armrest
• Travel control console integrated with operator seat
KOMTRAX Plus provides efficient monitoring of machine conditions for maximum productivity.
Low noise
• Operator noise: 70dB(A)
(Engine at Hi, cooling fan at 70%, and air conditioner OFF.)
• Dynamic noise (outside): 110dB(A)
As per ISO 6395
Electronic Controlled Modulation Valve (ECMV) controlled steering clutch/brake system facilitates smooth and shockless steering operation.
Rear attachments (optional)
• Variable giant ripper
• Multi-shank ripper
• Counterweight
K-Bogie Undercarriage System improves traction, component durability, and operator comfort.
Track shoe slip control system reduces operator fatigue and improves undercarriage life.
Low-drive, long-track, eight roller undercarriage ensures outstanding dozing ability and stability.

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