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Standard Equipment

Alternator, 12 V, 40 A
Back-up alarm
Batteries, 12 V, 64 Ah (5 hrs rate capacity)
Blower fan
Crankcase guard
Dry-type air cleaner with automatic dust evacuator and dust indicator lamp
Dry-type, interconnected steering clutches and brakes
Electric starting motor, 12 V, 2.3 kW
End track guiding guards
Hydraulic track adjusters
Inching pedal
Lighting system
(including 2 front and 1 rear lights)
Lubricated track links
Power angle tilt dozer, inside arms
ROPS/FOPS Level 2 canopy*
Seat belt, 76 mm 3"
Suspension seat
Shoes, 510 mm 20" single-grouser(D21A-8)
Single-lever control for blade
Single-lever steering
Transmission, F2- R2
Vandalism protection locks and filler cap locks
5-roller track frames
*ROPS canopy meets all OSHA/MSHA standards and regulations criteria.
*Rops cab or Rops canopy must be ordered for all machines.