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When purchasing your next piece of equipment you will have many decisions to make. One of the most important ones will be where to finance it. Komatsu Financial, can offer you many benefits that you may not be able to get through your traditional finance sources. The heavy equipment industry is our only business so we understand the unique needs of our customer base.

Through our association with the manufacturer, we are able to offer below market interest rates on many of our products. These low rates mean lower monthly payments and a reduced cost of ownership. Komatsu offers these low rate programs throughout the year. Contact your local distributor to find out more about the low rate programs available through Komatsu Financial.

Are you in an industry where there are cash flow concerns? If so, Komatsu Financial can tailor a program to meet those concerns. Seasonal skip payment plans can be developed to help you through your slow season. Accelerated payment plans can be created to meet your peak cash flow times and to help you reduce your overall cost of borrowing. Down payment requirements are flexible enough to meet any customer's needs.

Service is another key thing to consider when making your financing decision. Applying for financing through Komatsu Financial is simple because the entire process is handled through your local Komatsu distributor. With adequate financial and credit information, Komatsu Financial is able to respond to most credit requests within 24 hours from the time they are submitted.

Reliability is another important factor when selecting your finance source. Komatsu Financial has been providing retail financing to the heavy equipment industry for over 13 years and has an administered portfolio of over one billion dollars. Our experience in the heavy equipment industry means we understand the effects of a rainy season and many of the other problems that face equipment operators. We take pride in working with our customers to find solutions that keep them working in their equipment.

When you plan on purchasing your next piece of equipment, contact your local distributor and talk to them about your particular needs. They can help you find the right equipment and financing to help you meet your goals. Some of the benefits of financing your purchase include:
  • You acquire ownership and equity in the equipment
  • Competitive finance rates, often at below market interest rates
  • Allows possible tax benefits of equipment depreciation (consult your tax advisor)
  • Payment plans can be tailored to meet your seasonal or cash flow needs
    Komatsu Financial Payment Instructions
    Installment payments may be mailed to the following address:

    Express Mail Instructions
    (i.e., Federal Express, UPS, etc.)

    Komatsu Financial - Lockbox 99303
    c/o Bank of America Illinois
    99303 Collection Center Drive
    Chicago, IL 60693

    Regular U.S. Mail Payment Instructions
    Komatsu Financial
    P.O. Box 99303
    Chicago, IL 60693

    Correspondence only (No payments please):
    Komatsu Financial
    P.O. Box 7049
    1333 Butterfield Road - Suite 600
    Downers Grove, IL 60515-7049

    **Please include account/contract number on all payments and correspondence.