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Discover how versatile your Komatsu equipment can be with the wide array attachments that are available from our allied equipment manufacturers. Whether you're looking for asphalt cutters, brush cutters, or pile drivers, you'll find it here. Click here to select the attachments you're interested in, and submit an inquiry form to the distributor nearest you.

The sole purpose of this list is to provide a reference source of the various attachments available. The listing of an attachment does not imply approval by Komatsu nor does it suggest the size or model of tool for each Komatsu machine. Your distributor should contact the allied equipment manufacturer with questions concerning the proper match of attachment and Komatsu machine for each application. Questions concerning availability, pricing, and installation should also be directed to the attachment manufacturer.

The attachments listed in this directory have not been designed, tested, or manufactured by Komatsu Ltd. or Komatsu America International Company and these companies assume no responsibility for their performance. The attachment manufacturer and/or selling dealer are solely responsible for any failure, personal injury, or property damage caused by the use of this equipment.
Ground Engagement Tools
The metal that matters. Make sure your equipment is prepared for the tasks and ground conditions of your next job. Choose the proper Ground Engaging Tools to handle the materials you'll be moving and save excessive wear on engines, tires, and hydraulics. Take a look at the new KVX GET system. Get superior performance and wear characteristics with these bolt-on engagement tools. No welding is required to repair or replace the reversible, self-sharpening teeth.
• Get maximum performance by matching the tools to the task
• Protect expensive components with the proper GET
• Points (teeth) and adapters for excavator and loader buckets
• Cutting edges and end bits for dozers and graders
• Ripper shank assemblies
• New KVX GET offers superior performance
• Outstanding wear characteristics
Minimal downtime for repair--no welding required
• Extended lip life
• Reversible, self-sharpening teeth

Get the most from your equipment with high-quality, precision engineered Komatsu buckets. Priced near or below other general-purpose models, Komatsu has designed these buckets to optimize your machines capabilities and improve your productivity. They perform as well as heavy-duty buckets in 80% of the applications you will find, and a super heavy-duty model will be offered by late spring. The Parts Distribution Center in Ripley, TN stocks the most popular sized excavator buckets for immediate availability.

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